Local Selling Tips


Develop a home-selling plan
It’s important to set clear goals and decide at the outset how involved you want to be in the selling process. Choose Jack Irick as  your isting agent to sell your home.

 Do necessary repairs
Walk through your home as a prospective buyer would. Check:


Plumbing fixtures

Lighting fixtures

Heating and ventilation systems

Doors and windows

Interior paint

Exterior paint

Outdoor drainage systems

Driveway and walkway (for cracks)

Outdoor watering systems

 Make minor improvements
Add small cosmetic touches that might help you sell the home. For example:

Spruce up the entryway to make it more inviting.

Plant flowers in the front yard to increase drive-by appeal.

Remove and store belongings that clutter up rooms.

Make other home improvements deemed essential.

 Price your home
Set a realistic price. You want your home to sell in a timely fashion, not make buyers speculate on why it is just sitting on the market.

Check sales prices of comparable homes.

Consider getting a home appraisal.

Know whether it’s a buyer’s or a seller’s market

Settle on a price..

 Market your home
Now the real adventure begins — will the home sell?

Advertise with "for sale" signs, print listings, and/or online listings.

Review the necessary purchase contract forms.

Decide your contingencies and other terms of contract.

Show the house through open houses and walk-throughs.

Negotiate an offer.

Sign purchase contract with buyer.

Close the sale
After working through any remaining considerations, you simply need to get through all the paperwork.

Choose an escrow company or lawyer to administer the closing.

Deliver the legally required disclosure documents to the buyer.

Meet required inspections.

Receive loan commitment letter from buyer.

Obtain title report (through escrow company or closing agent).

Meet all other contingencies and legal obligations.

Arrange to pay off any existing mortgages.

Pay all required closing fees.

Consider tax implications.