Local Buying Tips

Home-Buying Checklist


Organize your finances
Sizing up your financial situation early means you’ll be better prepared to complete the necessary mortgage paperwork.

      Start gathering the relevant financial papers needed for your application.

      Check your credit report to make sure there are no surprises.

Estimate what you can spend

Measure your homebuying power by using a few standard guidelines:

      Estimate the price range for your home.

      Calculate your maximum monthly housing debt

      Get a rough estimate of how much you can afford

      Determine how much money you’ve saved for a down payment and closing costs.


Decide how soon you want to buy a home
Knowing how close you are to making a purchase helps you determine the appropriate next step.

      If you’ve found a home — or expect to in a few weeks — get preapproved.

      If you’re more than a month away from buying, a mortgage expert can help you to determine your price range.

      Talk with a home financing experts to find the right home-financing solution for your situation. They’ll consider your               payment, your credit history, and max. home price.


Find the right home
House hunting can be fun and exciting, particularly if you let Jack Irick  do your homework to find the right home for you.

      Investigate neighborhoods and schools. Conduct a cost-of-living comparison if  moving from a different area.

      Prioritize desired home features. Get started with your wish list..

      Make an offer and negotiate a final price.

      Hire a home inspector to give the home a thorough check up.

      Begin arranging for homeowners insurance.


Finalize the purchase
If you’ve followed the steps above, these final stages of the home purchase should go smoothly:

      Apply for a mortgage formally to obtain a mortgage commitment letter. For homebuyers with preapprovals this will be                a formal application. .

      Close the loan. A real estate agent, settlement agent, or attorney generally walks homebuyers through the process  of meeting contract contingencies and scheduling settlements.

Move in and celebrate!


Rest Easy,  Jack Irick, your Buyer’s Agent, will  guide you through all of the above.